What are responsibility of chief engineer as per SMS or safety management responsibility ? |

What are responsibility of chief engineer as per SMS or safety management responsibility ?

 Safety Management Responsibilities of Chief Engineer Officer

Member of the Safety Management Team and belongs to management level.
Secretary of the Safety, Health and Environmental Committee on board.
Safety Officer for the Engine Department.
Reports to : Master and communicates through Superintendent for all technical matters
Supervises : 2nd Engineer Officer, 3rd Engineer Officer, Electrical Officer, 4th Engineer Officer, other Engineer Officers of operation level, junior operation level personnel and Engine ratings of support level.
Responsibilities : The Chief Engineer Officer is in charge of the Engine Room Department and is responsible for the efficient and safe operation and maintenance of all machinery and cargo systems on board.

The safety management responsibilities of Chief Engineer Officer include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Familiarize himself with the procedures of Safety Management System and comply with same.
  • Maintenance of M/E, auxiliaries, steering system, air-conditioning, mechanical blowers, refrigeration plant, all cranes, winches, windlass, mooring winches, boilers and electrical and hydraulic systems pertaining thereto.
  • Maintain the Engine Room and other spaces under his charge clean at all times.
  • Responsible for indenting and safe keeping of all engine stores, spares, tools and instruments and maintaining proper records of same.
  • Advise Master promptly of any occurrence in the Engine Room, which might affect the navigation or other essential services.
  • Aim at achieving maximum economy in consumption of fuel, lubricating oils and use of stores/spares.
  • The administration, supervision and delegation of duties to the Engineer Officers and crew, in order to ensure efficient running of the Engine Room Department at sea and in port.
  • Ensure Schedules of planned maintenance system are implemented on board.
  • Make a round of the machinery spaces before the main engine is required.
  • Examine deck and cargo machinery before arriving at a loading or unloading terminal.
  • Be readily available for emergency call from engine room during maneuvering.
  • Keep ready windlass and mooring winches for use at all times.
  • Obtain approval from Master for any planned stoppage of main engine for inspection or maintenance.
  • Ensure all Engineer Officers are familiar with emergency procedures and Code of Safe Working Practices.
  • Ensure safety and testing of all tackle and lifting gear in engine room.
  • Ensure classification & statutory surveys status maintained up to date.
  • Will be personally responsible for supervising the bunkering operations and ensuring that correct quantity and quality of bunkers received.
  • Preparation of work specification for Engine Department/Deck machineries for repairs/dry docking and to supervise.
  • Issue standing instructions for efficient and effective performance for engine department personnel.
  • Appraisal of Engineer Officers and crew members as per company procedures.
  • Ensure standard operating instructions for shipboard operations are available and clearly understood by all concerned personnel.
  • Prepare watch keeping Schedule for port and sea watches establishing rest period for watch keeping personnel.
  • Carry out emergency duties as per emergency response procedures.
  • Maintenance of Part I of Oil Record Book under MARPOL for machinery spaces.
  • Carrying out the task of a Safety Officer for the Engine Department.
  • Compliance with the company’s documented safety and security procedures.
  • Preparing reports and returns and reporting as per company’s procedure.
  • Comply with applicable rules of STCW Convention.
  • Prepare handing over notes along with handing over report while signing off the vessel.
  • Carry out risk assessment in compliance with SMS.

Has the authority to identify and report non-conformities and near misses/hazardous occurrences and as per procedures defined within this Safety Management System.

The Chief Engineer Officer delegates the responsibility of allocating and supervising the work of the 3rd Engineer Officer, Electrical Officer, 4th Engineer Officer, relevant officers at junior level & petty officers and Engine Room crew to the 2nd Engineer Officer with a direct control of Engine Room while the vessel is underway.



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