What are regulations regarding labeling and marking as per SOLAS ?

  • Packages containing a harmful substance shall be durably marked with the correct technical name and also indication that the substance is a marine pollutant. Such marking must also be supplemented by other means, such as the relevant United Nations number.
  • The method of marking must be durable to the point where they can be clearly read on packages surviving at least 3 months in seawater.
  • Packages containing only very small amounts may be exempted from this rule.

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  • In all documents relating to the carriage of harmful substances, the correct technical name must be used and further identified with the added term “MARINE POLLUTANT
  • The shipping documents supplied must include a signed certificate that the shipment offered for carriage is properly packed and marked, labeled as appropriate
  • Each ship carrying harmful substances shall have a special manifest detailing the list of harmful substances on board.


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