What are regulations regarding disposal of pyrotechnics ? |

What are regulations regarding disposal of pyrotechnics ?

Disposal of Expired Pyrotechnics

The expired pyrotechnics shall be stored in clearly marked containers, away from electrical installations and to be landed ashore at the earliest opportunity for safe disposal, recommended alternatives are.

  • Return the expired pyrotechnics to the supplier.
  • Request a life raft station to accept.
  • Contact the local coastguard or police for safe disposal.

A receipt shall be obtained stating that the expired pyrotechnics have been collected from the ship for safe disposal ashore.

Records of all pyrotechnics shall be maintained, details of which shall include the following:

  • Name of the supplier.
  • Make and expiry date.
  • Copy of import invoice that shall bear the details of the product.
  • Copy of Letter of Acceptance issued by the Directorate to the importers/distributors (if supplied in India).


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