What are regulations for emergency fire pump as per SOLAS or FSS code? |

What are regulations for emergency fire pump as per SOLAS or FSS code?

Emergency fire pumps

Capacity of the pump

The capacity of the pump shall not be less than 40% of the total capacity of the fire pumps required by regulation II-2/ of the Convention and in any case not less than the following:

  1. for passenger ships of less than 1,000 gross tonnage and for cargo ships of 2,000 gross tonnage and upwards; 25 m3/h
  2. for cargo ships of less than 2,000 gross tonnage 15 m3/h.
Pressure at hydrants

When the pump is delivering the quantity of water required by above paragraph, the pressure at any hydrants shall be not less than the minimum pressure required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

Starting of diesel engine

Any diesel-driven power source for the pump shall be capable of being readily started in its cold condition down to the temperature of 0 degree C by hand (manual) cranking. If this is impracticable, or if lower temperatures are likely to be encountered, consideration shall be given to the provision and maintenance of the heating arrangement acceptable to the Administration so that ready starting will be assured. If hand (manual) starting is impracticable, the Administration may permit other means of starting.

These means shall be such as to enable the diesel-driven power source to be started at least six times within a period of 30 min and at least twice within the first 10 min.

Fuel tank capacity

Any service fuel tank shall contain sufficient fuel to enable the pump to run on full load for at least 3 h and sufficient reserves of fuel shall be available outside the machinery space of category A to enable the pump to be run on full load for an additional 15 h.


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