What are regulations for Dry Chemical powder as fixed Fire Extinguishing system?

Dry chemical powder fire extinguishing systems

Ships intending to carry flammable products are to be fitted with a fixed dry chemical powder type extinguishing systems for the purpose of fighting fire on the deck in the cargo area and bow or stern cargo handling areas if applicable. The system and the dry chemical powder shall be adequate for this purpose and satisfactory to the Society.

The system is to be capable of delivering powder from at least two hand hose lines or a combination monitor/hand hose line(s) to any part of the above-deck exposed cargo area including above-deck product piping. The system shall be activated by an inert gas, such as nitrogen, used exclusively for this purpose and stored in pressure vessels adjacent to the powder containers.

Note :

Drawings of the system and details of the dry chemical powder are to be submitted to the Society for approval.

Fire extinguishing unit having two or more monitors, hand hose lines, or combinations thereof, shall have independent pipes with a manifold at the powder container, unless a suitable alternative means is provided to ensure proper performance as approved by the Society. Where two or more pipes are attached to a unit the arrangement shall be such that any or all of the monitors and hand hose lines are capable of simultaneous or sequential operation at their rated capacities.


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