What are regulations for Ballast Water Exchange or BWE to take place?

  1. At least 200 nm from the nearest land and in 200 m water depth;
  2. At least 50 nm from the nearest land and in 200 m water depth; or
  3. In the event throughout the intended route the sea area does not afford the above characteristics, in a sea area designated by the port State.

All ships > 400gt (except floating platforms, FSUs and FPSOs) are to be surveyed (initial, annual intermediate, and renewal) and certificated (not exceeding 5 years).
States may establish additional ballast water management measures for ships to meet based on Guidelines, which remain to be developed.
The MEPC shall undertake a review of the Ballast Water Standards no later than 2006 and is to include an assessment of the technologies available that achieve the standard.

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