What are Maritime Safety Committee or MSC Circulars?

Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Circulars are as follow :

  • 406/Rev.1 – Guidelines on Interpretation of IBC Code and the IGC Code and Guidelines for the Uniform Application of the Survival Requirements of the IBC and IGC Code
  • 451 – Guidance Concerning the Location of Fire Control Plans for the Assistance of Shoreside Fire- Fighting Personnel
  • 456 – Guidelines for the Preparation of Intact Stability Information
  • 474 – Guidelines for Bow and Stern Loading and Unloading Arrangements on Oil Tankers
  • 485 – Clarification of Inert Gas Systems Requirements Under SOLAS 1974, as amended
  • 488 – Containers and Cargoes, Carriage of Grain, Guidance on Interpretations and Equivalents
  • 504 – Guidance on Design and Construction of Sea Inlets Under Slush Ice Conditions
  • 541 – Guidance Notes on the Integrity of Flooding Boundaries Above the Bulkhead Deck of Passenger Ships for Proper Application of Regulations II-1/8 and 20, paragraph 1, of the 1974 Safety of Life at Sea Convention, as amended
  • 566 – Provisional Guidelines on the Conduct of Trials in which the Officer of the Navigational Watch Acts as the Sole Look-out in Periods of Darkness
  • 568/Rev.1 – Pilot Transfer Arrangements – Required boarding arrangements for pilots
  • 570 – Recommendation on Maximum Stowage Height of Survival Craft on Passenger Ships
  • 574 – The Calculation Procedure to Assess the Survivability Characteristics of Existing Ro-Ro Passenger Ships When Using a Simplified Method Based Upon Resolution A.265(VIII)
  • 582 – Guidelines for the Performance and Testing Criteria, and Surveys of Low-Expansion from Concentrates for Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems
  • 585 – Standards for Vapour Emission Control Systems
  • 587 – Life Saving Appliances
  • 601 – Fire Protection in Machinery Spaces
  • 608/Rev.1 – Interim Guidelines for Open-Top Containerships
  • 645 – Guidelines for Vessels with Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • 647 – Guidelines to Minimize Leakages from Flammable Liquid Systems
  • 648 – Guidelines for the Operation, Inspection and Maintenance of Ship Sewage Systems
  • 649 – Interpretations of Provisions of Resolution MSC.26(60) and MSC/Circular.574
  • 650 – Interpretations of Alterations and Modifications of a Major Character
  • 651 – Interpretations of Regulations B-1 of SOLAS Chapter II-1
  • 662 – Containers and Cargoes – Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (BC Code)
  • 664 – Containers and Cargoes – Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS Code
  • 668 – Alternative Arrangements for Halon Fire-Extinguishing Systems in Machinery Spaces and Pump Rooms
  • 669 – Interpretations of SOLAS Chapter II-2, as amended by Regulation Resolution MSC.27(61)
  • 670 – Guidelines for The Performance and Testing Criteria and Surveys of High-Expansion Foam Concentrates for Fixed Fire-extinguishing Systems
  • 672 – Measures to Prevent Explosions in Oil Tanker Pump Rooms
  • 677 – Revised Standards for the Design, Testing and Locating of Devices to Prevent the Passage of Flame into Cargo Tanks in Tankers
  • 681 – Guidelines for Passenger Safety Instructions on Ro-Ro Passenger Ships
  • 686 – Guidelines on the Means of Access to Structures for Inspection and Maintenance of Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers
  • 687 – Emergency Source of Power for Category A High Speed Craft
  • 688 – International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 as Amended – Interpretations of SOLAS Regulation II-1/8.7.2 for the Purpose of Implementation of Resolution MSC.26(60)
  • 691 – Containers and Cargoes – Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS Code)
  • 692 – Clarification of SOLAS Regulation III/50 Regarding General Emergency Alarm Systems
  • 693 – Draft Amendments to the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code)
  • 696 – Ship/Port Interface – Thorough Examination of the Cargo Lifting Plant of Ships
  • 699 – Revised Guidelines for Passenger Safety Instructions
  • 706 – Guidance on Intact Stability of Existing Tankers During Liquid Transfer Operations
  • 710 – Model Agreement for the Authorization of Recognised Organisations Acting on Behalf of the Administration
  • 727 – Recommendation on Thermal Radiation Test Supplement to Fire Resistance Tests for “A”, “B” and “F” Class Divisions
  • 728 – Revised Test Method for Equivalent Water-Based Fire-Extinguishing Systems for Machinery Spaces of Category A and Cargo Pump-Rooms contained in MSC/Circular.668
  • 729 – Design Guidelines and Operational Recommendations for Ventilation Systems in Ro-Ro Cargo Spaces
  • 730 – Recommendations for Ventilation or Inerting of Double Hull Spaces
  • 731 – Revised Factors to be taken into Consideration when Designing Cargo Tank Venting and Gas- Freeing Arrangements
  • 732 – Interim Guidelines on the Test Procedure for Demonstrating the Equivalence of Composite Materials to Steel Under the Provisions of the 1974 SOLAS Convention
  • 733 – Officer of the Navigational Watch Acting as the Sole Look-out in Periods of Darkness
  • 734 – Interpretations of Phrases on Human Performance Criteria in SOLAS Chapter II-1
  • 736 – Interpretations of Vague Expressions in SOLAS Chapter II-1
  • 743 – Ship/Port Interface – Communications between maritime administrations and port authorities
  • 745 – Guidelines for the Preparation of the Cargo Securing Manual
  • 762 – Implementation of the ISM Code: Guidance to Companies Operating Multi-Flagged Fleets and Supplementary Guidelines to Administrations
  • 773 – Pilot Transfer Arrangements – Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilots
  • 774 – Revised Measures to Prevent Explosions in Oil Tanker Cargo Pump Rooms
  • 775 – Ships with Reduced Halon Quantities
  • 777 – Indication of the Assembly Station in Passenger Ships.

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