checklist departure

Lists of testing of Bridge Equipments before departure?

List of equipments to be tested on bridge:
  • Synchronize bridge clocks with chronometer and correct engine room clocks
  • Check binoculars, azimuth mirrors, pen, pencils, rubbers, dividers, chart compass, parallel ruler  etc available.
  • Arrange voyage charts in sequence
  • Make log book and bridge movement book available
  • Test 3 cm Radar and 10 cm Radar performance, operational and satisfactory.
  • Test ARPA operational  and satisfactory
  • Test walkie talkies with fully charged batteries
  • Check echo sounder, working o.k. and recording paper available
  • Check navigational ,alternative navigational ,Christmas tree and anchor lights on Bridge panel  by buzzer test
  • Test bridge communication equipment, internal and external
  • Test bridge engine room telegraph
  • Align gyro repeaters (1-Bridge,2-Wings,1-Steering Flat) , Gyro stabilized radar(3cm ,10cm),  GPSAIS, ECDIS with master gyro and check compass error whenever possible
  • Check magnetic compass and compare with the gyro compass
  • Check both steering motors online and working
  • Test steering gear and confirm the timing. port to stbd and stbd to port in 28 second.
  • Check telegraph time recorder time, course alignment/working o.k. and enough paper available
  • Check and test ALDIS  lamp from main and battery powers
  • Test VHF equipment and select operational channels
  • Test whistle
  • Have wheelhouse and wings cleaned and glass cleared
  • Make required Nautical publications available
  • Confirm propeller, Rudder etc clear of all obstructions and post a watchman
  • Test main engine
  • Check deck power available and satisfactory
  • Make sure that all information required by port authorities or pilot station is available
  • Fill-up pilot card and keep it ready
  • Contact pilot /Port authorities and exchange required information
  • Confirm pilot boarding time and arrival way.
  • If pilot coming by ladder, have it rigged and tested by responsible officer.
  • Have lifebuoy with light and heaving line available at pilot ladder.
  • Give sufficient notice to crew/additional staff for readiness
  • Give appropriate notice to duty engineer for manoeuvring


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