What are inspection requirements of SCBA set as per SOLAS ?

Annual Examination

  • All SCBAs shall be examined at least annually as part of the annual statutory survey for
  • The Safety Equipment Certificate (SEC) or MODU Code certificate. If applicable, the
  • Breathing apparatus air recharging systems should be checked for air quality as part of the
  • Annual statutory survey for the SEC or MODU Code certificate.

 Hydrostatic Testing of Self-contained Breathing Apparatus Cylinders.

  • Hydrostatic testing of SCBA cylinders shall be carried out once every five years. The
  • Hydrostatic test date must be permanently marked on the bottles. Intervals for
  • Hydrostatically testing cylinders of the ultra lightweight type may vary and will depend
  • Upon the requirements of the cylinder manufacturer and the vessel’s classification society. Servicing of the cylinders must be performed to the satisfaction of the classification society surveyor.

Spare Charges and Recharging of Breathing Apparatus Air Cylinders.

  • Two spare charges suitable for use with the breathing apparatus should be provided for each required apparatus.
  • If passenger ships carrying not more than 36 passengers and cargo ships are
  • Equipped with suitably located means for fully recharging the air cylinders free from contamination, only one spare charge is required for each required apparatus.


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