What are IMO performance standard of VDR Or Voyage Data Recorder?

The VDR should continuously maintain sequential records of preselected data items relating to the status and output of the ship’s equipment, and command and control of the ship.

The final recording medium should be installed in a protective capsule which should meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be capable of being accessed following an incident but secure against tampering;
  2. Maximize the probability of survival and recovery of the final recorded data after any incident ;
  3. Be of a highly visible colour and marked with retro-reflective materials; and
  4. Be fitted with an appropriate device to aid location.
  • The equipment should be so designed that, as far as is practical, it is not possible to tamper with the selection of data being input to the equipment. Any attempt to interfere with the integrity of the data or the recording should be recorded.
  • To ensure that the VDR continues to record events during an incident, it should be capable of operating from the ship’s emergency source of electrical power.
  • If the ship’s emergency source of electrical power supply fails, the VDR should continue to record Bridge Audio from a dedicated reserve source of power for a period of 2 h.
  • The time for which all stored data items are retained should be at least 12 h. Data items which are older than this may be overwritten with new data.


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