What are General Regulations for Cargo Securing ? |

What are General Regulations for Cargo Securing ?

  1.  General principles of cargo securing are as follow :
    • All cargoes should be stowed and secured in such a way that the ship and persons on board are not put at risk.
    • The safe stowage and securing of cargoes depends on proper planning, execution and supervision.
    • Personnel commissioned to tasks of cargo stowage and securing should be properly qualified and experienced.
    • Personnel planning and supervising the stowage and securing of cargo should have a sound practical knowledge of the application and content of this Cargo Securing Manual.
    • In all cases, improper stowage and securing of cargo will be potentially hazardous to the securing of other cargoes, will endanger the lives of the personnel and will reduce the safety of the vessel.
    • Decisions taken for measures of stowage and securing cargo should be based on the most severe weather conditions which may be expected by experience for the intended voyage.
    • Ship handling decisions taken by the Master, especially in bad weather conditions, should take into account the type and stowage position of the cargo and the securing arrangements.
  2. Appropriate precautions shall be taken during loading and transport of heavy cargoes or cargoes with abnormal physical dimensions to ensure that no structural damage to the ship occurs and to maintain adequate stability throughout the voyage.
  3. Cargo should be stowed such that the design loads for upper deck, hatch covers and inner bottom, indicated under ship’s particulars at the beginning of this manual, are not exceeded.


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