What are General methods of loading or discharging Bulk Cargo ?

  • Heavy duty conveyor belt systems used in most form of solid bulk cargo loading
  • Some forms of ore transported in “slurry” for – piping used for handling
  • Conveyor belt system led to ship loader equipped with vertical telescopic chutes
  • Control of dust is essential for loading fine powder bulk cargo- complying to local reg’n and avoid loss of cargo
  • Dust extraction equipment is fitted to ship’s loader conveyor transfer point
  • Loading controlled by one operator from elevated visibility clear cabin- speed and rate adjusted to meet loading pattern required by ship
  • Ship loader is mobile – travel on tracks along wharf
  • Automatic arrangement provided for measuring & recording of quantity of cargo loaded.
  • Discharging of bulk cargo is mainly done using “Grabs” with ship’s/ shore gears
  • Conveyor equipment may be installed directly from berth to stockpile/terminal
  • Conveyor equipment connects “bucket” unloader which by reason of arm extension “digs” into the ship bulk in the hold.
  • Elevator transports the bulk to stockpiles, terminal or shore transportation
  • This system is applicable to ore & coal commodities.


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