What are factors taken into account when composing Navigational watch?

Factors to be taken into account when composing a bridge watch:
  • fatigue
  • weather conditions and visibility
  • proximity of navigational hazards which may make it necessary for the officer in charge of the watch to carry out additional navigational duties
  • use and operational condition of navigational aids
  • whether the vessel is fitted with automatic steering
  • whether there are radio duties to be performed
  • unmanned machinery space (UMS) alarms, controls and indicators provided on the bridge, procedures for their use and limitations
  • any unusual demands on the navigational watch that may arise as a result of special operational circumstances
Note :-

In circumstances where a single man bridge is considered permissible support personnel should be readily and immediately available should assistance be required. There should be an established and continuously available means of communications for the watchkeeper to summon such assistance in all times.


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