What are Checklist for carrying out Diving Operations ?



Diving Support Vessel:Date:
Purpose of Operation:Diving Company:Location:



Item No.


1Has the appropriate flag signal been hoisted?
2Has a Deck Officer been assigned to keep watch in the vicinity of diving operations and maintain vigilance for approaching craft?
3Does the Duty Deck Officer have an operational portable radio for communication with the Bridge/CCR/ER/Diving Co-ordinator
4Have communication and emergency signals been agreed upon between Diving Co-ordinator and Duty Deck Officer?


Specify signals agreed upon:

5Have the Chief Engineer and Duty Engineer Officer been informed of the diving activity?
6Has a “Do Not Operate” Tag been placed on the Bridge Telegraph?
7Have the engines been switched to  ‘Engine Room Control’?
8Has a “Do Not Operate” Tag been placed on the Engine Room Telegraph?
9Is the Turning Gear engaged, switched off, and a “Do Not Operate” Tag in place?
10Has the diver been advised of the position of all discharges and intakes in use?
11Has the impressed current cathodic protection system been switched off and a “Do Not Operate” Tag placed on the circuit breaker?
12Has the Engineer on Watch been informed not to change over sea suctions or discharges during the diving operations?
13Have all sources to under water measuring equipment been checked as being switched off and tagged “Do Not Operate”?
Echo Sounder(s):
Doppler Log(s):
Other (list):
14Have the ship’s crews been told to desist from fishing for the duration of the diving operation?
15Have the appropriate port or harbour authorities been notified and permission granted?
16Is the supervising Duty Officer aware that he can stop the operation at any time he is concerned about any aspect of the diving operation?
Officer carrying out initial checksRelieving Officers
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