What are action in case of oil spill on ships ? |

What are action in case of oil spill on ships ?

In ALL emergencies, Captain/Chief Eng. will take control of situations as soon as possible – but initiative must be taken by other individuals where immediate action is required
Sounding the alarm must be loud and clear – use of the General alarm and PA System  is encouraged.
Any available spare person should be nominated as writer as soon as possible to prompt actions from this checklist and record events as they happen.  










01 Stop all cargo & bunkering operations OOW. C/E X X  
02 Stop all ballasting/deballasting operations OOW X X  
03 Sound Fire Alarm to muster Oil Spill Response Team – Make PA announcement OOW
04 Stop all bilge pumping/internal transfers D/E X X
05 Call Master OOW X
06 Announce “NO SMOKING” on PA system, Check accommodation battened down to prevent gas ingress OOW X
07 Advise berth operators. C/O. MAST X X X
08 Advise harbour authorities. MASTER X X X
09 Locate leak; remove supply/relieve pressure and repair. C/O.  C/E X X
10 If cause is overflow – drop to tank of same parcel C/O.  C/E
11 Contain spillage C/O. Crew
12 Confirm all scuppers plugs are still in place C/O. Crew X X
13 Start clean up operation C/O. Crew
14 If Required – start Wilden pump direct  to slop tank C/O. Crew X
15 If required – drop IG pressure in slop tank ready to accept oil from dump valves C/O. OOW
16 If oil spill not contained on deck – immediately contact local P & I representative and agent. Mast X X X
17 Record type and grade of oil OOW X X X
18 Take sample OOW X X
19 Estimate quantity spilled OOW X X X
20 Estimate area of harbour covered Mast X X X
21 Check weather forecast Mast X X X
22 Check tidal & current direction Mast X X X
23 Evaluate risk to shoreline Mast X X
24 Check availability of assistance Mast X X
25 Note names of vessel in vicinity Mast X X X
26 Note protest Mast X X X
27 If Possible – take photographs Mast X X
28 Enter facts in Log Books Mast X X X
*RA  :   Radio Advice *WR :  Written Report *D/E :  Documents/ Evidence


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