What are action in case of Engine Room Flooding ?

In ALL emergencies, Captain/Chief Eng. will take control of situations as soon as possible – but initiative must be taken by other individuals where immediate action is required.
Sounding the alarm must be loud and clear – use of the General alarm and PA System is encouraged.
Any available spare person should be nominated as writer as soon as possible to prompt actions from this checklist and record events as they happen.  


CHECKLISTDoneReq’d by office
1Sound alarmX
2Inform bridge of situationX
3Start and parallel stand by generator
4Start one or a combination of the following pumps on direct bilge suction to overboard:-

  • Fire/Bilge & Ballast pump
  • Fire & Bilge pump
  • Main cooling SW pump on main bilge injection. (Put temperature controller setpoint to zero and close sea suction valve)
5If leakage is from a pipe, isolate, but with due consideration to the effect on the plant and the navigational situation.


*RA  :   Radio Advice*WR :  Written Report*D/E :  Documents/ Evidence


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