What are action in case of Cargo Loss on ships ?


The ships double hull construction and blanked over boards make cargo oil loss over side via hull leakage a very unlikely occurrence, however cargo leakage/loss from a cargo tank into a ballast or void space cannot be discounted. A gas detection in ballast tanks, void spaces or pumproom would probably give the first indication of a problem and the following check list should be used to follow up on any such alarm or where there is suspicion of oil leakage. 



WHODONEReq’d by Managing office
*RA             *WR        *DE
01Answer pump room gas alarm if activated/Ballast tank gas detected.OOWX
02Obtain gas reading and dip of suspect tankOOWX
03Inform the MasterC/O or OOW
04If reading false, investigate and correct problemC/O and C/EX
If oil/gas found, continue below
05Try and identify which tank leak is coming from (Saab gauges?)C/O & MasterXX
06Inform London officeMasterXXX
07Consider reducing IG in suspect tank.C/OX
08Dip/test adjacent ballast tanks, voidsC/OXX
09Consider transfer of cargoMaster,C/OXXX
10Consider inerting affected space using spool piece from IG connections on mainline.Master,C/OXX
11If leakage heavy then consider fitting bobbin piece between ballast and cargo line to drain out oil.Master, C/O, C/EXX
12Consider stability criteriaMaster, C/OXXX
13Consider stress criteriaMaster, C/OXXX
14Consider trimMaster, C/OXX
15Record all relevant detailsOOW, MasterXX
16Seek further advice from London office on aboveMasterXX
If Contamination/Loss in Port
17Stop cargo/Check Overside/Locate causeCO/OOWXXX
18Contain contamination/assess lossCO/OOW/MasterXXX
19Note tanks causing problemsCO/OOWX
20Contact P&I,Inform Home office,Local authoritiesMasterXXX
21Inform AgentMasterXXX
22Enter all facts/PhotographsMasterXX
23Take samplesOOW/COXX

In all cases of Oil Spill, follow C 6 & SOPEP / VRP as appropriate.

*R : Radio Advice*WR :  Written Report*D/E :  Documents/ Evidence


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