What are action in case of Blackout on Ship ? |

What are action in case of Blackout on Ship ?

In ALL emergencies, Captain/Chief Eng. will take control of situations as soon as possible – but initiative must be taken by other individuals where immediate action is required.
Sounding the alarm must be loud and clear – use of the General alarm and PA System is encouraged.
Any available spare person should be nominated as writer as soon as possible to prompt actions from this checklist and record events as they happen.  



Req’d by office

*RA *WR *D/E
1 Do not move around in darkness
2 Allow auto start of stand by generator and auto restoration of power to main switchboard to take place. Do not interfere.
3 Observe automatic sequential restart of all essential auxiliaries. See list attached. Do not interfere.
4 Check plant conditions and parameters
5 Check if power is restored to emergency switchboard. * If not, do so manually at the emergency switchboard. (Switch select mode to Manual, stop engine and close bus tie)
6 Start and parallel a second generator.
7 Bring bridge control to stop and then restart main engine to bridge requirements.
8 Start all non automatic restart auxiliaries. See list attached.
9 Stop G/E electric gasoil pump.
10 Reset boilers electric failure trip at local board.
11 Check that emergency generator is stopped.
12 Establish cause of blackout and rectify.
13 Note position at time of failure & at power resumption
14 Change to Steering Mode One & Gyro One when EM switchboard up
15 Engage manual steering and alter away from any danger
16 Call Master
17 Clear away anchors if near coast / shallow water
*RA  :   Radio Advice *WR :    Written Report *D/E :   Documents/ Evidence


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