What are action in case of Abandon Ship Procedure ?


Normal procedure will be for the Abandon Ship Signal to be preceded by the General Alarm.

The Abandon Ship order may only be given by the Master, or Officer in Charge of vessel (if Master incapacitated).   The signal is as per the Muster List; sounding Short  –  Long  –  Short  –  Long signals (repeatedly) on both General  Alarm and Whistle. This signal will be given after verbal orders are issued to Abandon.



WHODONEReq’d by Managing office
*RA        *WR          *DE
01Sound General AlarmMasterXX
02Send message informing vessels in area/coast station & INMARSAT of intention to AbandonDesignated GMDSS operator 












03Take all way off vesselMasterX
04Prepare Sat-M for transfer to boats if time permitsOOW 


05Take SOLAS radios, Sarts and EPIRB to boatsDesignated Person as per Muster List 


06Take additional stores to boatsDesignated Persons as per Muster List 


07Take additional clothing to boatsDesignated Persons as per Muster List
08Take Log Books etc to boatsOOW / Master
09Prepare boats for launchingAs per Muster ListX
10Ensure all personnel accounted forOIC  Lifeboat 


11Give Abandon Ship signalMasterX
12Ensure personnel securely strapped in prior to lowering boatOIC  Lifeboat 


13Ensure all personnel drinks sufficient water and takes seasickness tablets prior boarding.OIC Lifeboat
14Once boat waterborne – move well clear of vesselOIC  Lifeboat


*RA  :   Radio Advice

*WR :  Written Report

*D/E :  Documents/ Evidence


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