List of publication required on ships ?

List of Standard Publications
Bridge Procedures Guide – ICSGEN 1     Master
Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen – HMSO (soft copy on CD)GEN 2     Master
Collision regulations, 1972 (as amended) (soft copy on CD)GEN 3     W/House
Fire Safety System Code (FSS Code)GEN 4     Master
Guide to Helicopter Ship Operations – ICSGEN 5     Master
Ships routeing with latest supplement and amendmentsGEN 6     W/House
GEN 7     
Guide to Port Entry (except coastal vessels)GEN 8     W/House
Merchant Shipping (Distress and Safety Radio Communication) Rules 1995GEN 9     Master
IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (IMO-SMCP)GEN 10                         Master
International Convention on Load Line and supplement – IMOGEN 11                         Master
International Code of SignalsGEN 12                         W/House
International Medical Guide for Ships – WHO, ILO, IMOGEN 13                         2nd Off.
International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)GEN 14                         Master
ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (soft copy on CD)GEN 15                         Master
Load Line Zones – BAGEN 16                         Ch. Off.
Mariner’s HandbookGEN 17                         W/House
MARPOL 73/78, Consolidated Text with latest corrections/SupplementsGEN 18                         Master
Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence – NIGEN 19                         Master
Medical First Aid Guide for use in Accidents involving Dangerous Goods – IMOGEN 20                         2nd Off.
The Merchant Shipping Act 1958 (as amended)GEN 21                         Master
OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Guidelines for Implementation of OHSAS 18001 and ABS Guidelines on implementation of OHSAS (soft copy on CD)GEN 22                         Master
P&I Club Hand BookGEN 23                         Master
Perils at Sea & Salvage, A Guide for Masters – ICSGEN 24                         Master
Port State Control – A Guide for Ships Involved in the Dry Bulk TradesGEN 25                         Master
IMDG Code, including supplementGEN 26                         Master
Safety Notices (M & MS Notices) – Bhandarkar/UK-DOTGEN 27                         Master
Ship Captain’s Medical Guide – HMSOGEN 28                         Master
SOLAS 1974, Consolidated text with latest corrections, amendments and supplements – IMOGEN 29                         Master
STCW 1978 as amendedGEN 30                         Master
Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual – IMOGEN 31                         Master
International Safety Management Code Book — IMO (soft copy on CD)GEN 32                         Master
Pocket Guide for Cold Water Survival – IMOGEN 33                         Master
LSA CodeGEN 34                         Master
Burton’s or Norie’s Nautical TablesGEN 35                         W/H
Clean Seas Guide for Oil Tankers, Retention of Oil Residues on Board – OCIMFOIL 1          Master
Crude Oil Washing Systems – IMOOIL 2          Master
Inert Gas Systems – IMOOIL 3          Master
Vessel inspection questionnaire for bulk/oil/chemical carriers and gas carriers – ICS (soft copy on CD)OIL 4          Master
Petroleum Measurement Tables – ASTM Tables: Vol. VII, VIII, XI, XIIOIL 5          Ch. Off.
Prevention of Oil Spillage through Cargo Pumproom Sea Valves – OCIMFOIL 6          Master
Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifolds and Associated Equipment – OCIMFOIL 7          Master
Safety in Oil Tankers – ICSOIL 8          Master
Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum) – ICSOIL 9          Master
Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol on board – OCIMF (soft copy on CD)OIL 10       Master
Effective mooring – OCIMFOIL 11       Master
Guideline for handling, storage, inspection and testing of hoses in the field – OCIMFOIL 12       Master
Mooring equipment guideline – OCIMF (soft copy on CD)OIL 13       Master
Tanker Management & Self Assessment – OCIMF (soft copy on CD)OIL 14       Master
International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers & Terminals (ISGOTT) – ICS, OCIMF, IAPHOIL 15       



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