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Human Element

The Human Element in the work of the IMO

The lone figure standing atop the international memorial to seafarers outside the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is symbolic of the importance that IMO attaches to the human element...

Human Element

The Human Element in Pilotage

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How to make Gyro North Seeking?

The gyrospin axis can be made meridian-seeking (maintaining the spin axis parallel to the earth’s spin axis) by the use of a pendulum acting under the influence of earth gravity. The pendulum causes a force to act upon the gyro...


What are the components of ECDIS ?

ECDIS represents an item of equipment consisting ofHardware Software and DataThe Hardware of the ECDIS Is generally a computer with graphics capability, a high performance PC or a graphics workstation installed in a console...


Checklist for Passage Planning on ships

APPRAISAL:1 All available charts for passage arranged.2 Requisition sent for charts / pubs , approach charts for bunker/refuge ports enroute3 Passage charts checked all corrected to date.4 Sailing directions and...