Safety Oral (FUNCTION – 3)

The following questions came from candidates right after they had finished their oral exam.
Controlling Operation of Ship and Care for Persons Onboard at Operational Level (COSCPOOL)
Basic terms and hydrostatics
1.Define Length overall (LOA), Length between perpendicular (LBP), forward & aft perpendicular, moulded breadth, moulded depth, breadth (extreme), depth (extreme), draft, sheer, camber,  strake, bulwark, swash bulkhead, gunwale, beam, girder, limber hole, freeboard, reserve  buoyancy, rise of floor, bilge radius, tumblehome, flare, margin line, deck line, density, relative  density, Archimedes’ principle, trim, loadline, displacement, lightweight, deadweight, tonnage,  gross tonnage, net  tonnage.
2.What is law of floatation, centre of buoyancy, centre of gravity?
3.What shall be the effect on centre of gravity due to shifting of masses, addition of masses?
4.Define waterplane coefficient, block coefficient, midship section coefficient, prismatic coefficient  and relationship between them.
5.Define Tonnes per centimetre (TPC), fresh water allowance, dock water allowance.
6.What is Plimsoll mark? Explain with diagram. What are the conditions of assignment of freeboard?
7.What is Bonjean curve?
8.What is Dynamic stability and Static stability?
9.Explain stable equilibrium, neutral equilibrium and unstable equilibrium.
10.Explain angle of loll.
11.Explain inclining experiment.
12.Draw GZ and KN curve.
13.Define permeability. Why tankers have less freeboard?
14.What are the types of resistance acting on a ship?
15.Define pitch, diameter, pitch ratio, theoretical speed, apparent speed, apparent slip, real slip,  wake, wake fraction of a propeller.
16.Does the TPC of box shape vessel remain same or it changes with draft?
17.Why aft trim is preferable?
18.What are the degrees of freedom of a ship?
19.Why rudder movement is confined to 35 degrees?

Ship construction

1.        Draw midship section of a bulk carrier.
2.        Draw midship section of an oil tanker.
3.        What are the stresses on a ship?
4.        What is racking?
5.        What is panting? What arrangements are made to resist panting? Explain with diagram.
6.        What is pounding? What arrangements are made to resist pounding? Explain with diagram.
7.        What is collision bulkhead? State its regulations as per SOLAS.
8.        What is bulbous bow? State its regulations as per SOLAS.
9.        What are the types of keel and which keel is used where?
10.     What is bilge keel and its purpose?
11.    On what ships longitudinal framing and transverse framing are used in double bottom? (Talk in terms of length of ship)
12.    Draw longitudinally framed and transverse framed double bottom.
13.    What all structural members are present in double bottom of machinery spaces?
14.    How watertightness of hatch covers are maintained?
15.    What are the types of bulkhead? What is watertight bulkhead and corrugated bulkhead?
16.    How testing of hatch cover is done?
17.    What is hawse pipe, spurling pipe, bitter end? Draw anchor and cable arrangement. What is  fathom, shackle?
18.    What is transom stern, cruiser stern, stern frame?
19.    What are the types of rudder? Explain with diagram.
20.    With the help of diagram show horizontal and vertical shell plating and end plate connection.
21.    What is hogging and sagging? How are they caused?
22.    How can we correct list of vessel?
23.    What measures are taken to prevent rolling?
24.    What happens with change in centre of gravity and metacentre? What is longitudinal metacentre?
25.    What is the difference between tanker and bulk carrier structure wise?
26.    What is tender ship and stiff ship?
27.    What is difference between watertight and weathertight door?
28.    What is righting lever?
29.    Explain the procedure of  getting the delivery of a ship since its ordering till delivery?
30.    How does a ship float  ?
31.    Why rudder stock diameter is preferred more than 230mm?
32.    What is margin plate? Where it is used and why?
33.    What is parametric rolling?



1.Name annexes of MARPOL.
2.Explain annex 1 .
3.Explain annex 5 .
4.Explain annex 6.
5.Explain annex 2,3,4.
6.Which tier is currently prevailing in NOx and regulations of NOx?
7.What is sewage discharge criteria and can we discharge sewage in port? What is BOD?
8.Draw the diagram of sewage treatment plant and its starting procedure.
9.What is the difference between special area and outside special area bilge discharge?
10.What all things you can throw overboard as per Annex 4?


What are Noxious liquid substances as per MARPOL? What are the classification of noxious liquid substances and their discharge criteria?
12.Define garbage as per MARPOL. What are the categories of garbage? Whether cooking oil can be burnt in incinerator?
13.What is the difference in bilge discharge between special and on special area?
14.What is ODMCS? Explain with regulation as per MARPOL.
15.Draw the diagram of OWS and explain starting procedure of OWS and testing of 15 ppm  alarm.
16.What is slop tank requirement?
17.What is margin line and its regulation?
18.What preparations you will do before bunkering? Bunker comes under which annex?
19.What is NOx technical file? What entries are made in it?
20.What entries are made in garbage record book?
21.What entries are made in oil record book 1 & 2?
22.What are the methods to reduce SOx  & NOx  onboard?
23.Explain bunker delivery note. What information is there in BDN? What is the regulation regarding storage of bunker sample?
24.What is SOPEP? Name some SOPEP equipments. What is SOPEP regulation as per SOLAS?
25.You see oil spill around your ship. What actions you will take?
26 How will you test working of OILY water separator? Explain working of oily water separator?
27.Explain IOPP certificate and its content.
28.Explain COPT system. Explain alarms and trips of COPT system.
29.What are the MARPOL equipments?
30.What is VOC? What is sweet crude and sour crude?
31.What is ODS?  What entries are made in ODS record book? Which ships are exempted from ODS?
32.What is loadicator?
33.What are the certificates issued under MARPOL?
34.Explain EEDI and SEEMP.
35.What are the safeties on framo pump?
36. What maintenance or checks are done on framo pump before and after cargo discharging?
37.What is the use of framo feed pump and how it works?
38. Where is the location of heater in framo pump system and how we heat the oil?
39.Why we carry out purging in framo pump? At which location, purging is carried out?
40.Where can we check framo pump pressure? Where is that particular gauge?
41. Where is Framo motor located?
42.What are regulations of IMDG code?
43.What is MSDS?
44.Which annex is applied on chemical lockers on your ship?


1.Name all chapters of SOLAS. How SOLAS came into being?
2.What is standard fire test? Explain A-60, A-30, B-60, B-30 bulkheads.
3.Which ships are exempted from SOLAS regulations?
4.What are the pyrotechnics used onboard? Where is it kept and their numbers?
5.Explain lifeboat lowering procedure.
6.What is lifeboat and rescue boat lowering and hoisting time?
7.What is the difference between lifeboat and rescue boat?
8.What is the intensity of buoyant smoke signal and rocket parachute?
9.What is SART frequency , on which RADAR is it seen? Regulation of SART.
10.What is the frequency of EPIRB? Regulation of EPIRB.
11.What are the types of RADAR?
12.Explain the use of LTA and its regulation.
13.Explain LSA plan with regulations.
14.Explain FFA plan with regulations.
15.What is new ship and existing ship?
16.Why crude oil washing (COW) is used?
17.What is the regulation of COW?
18.What is the regulation of ETA (emergency towing arrangement) and its use?
19.Name the certificates under ISM?
20.Explain ISM in full detail. What is DOC  and SMC? What is the validity of interim DOC and SMC? What is DPA?
21. Explain ISPS code. Role of SSO, CSO. What is citadel? Explain SSAS (ship security and alert system) with regulation. Explain Ship Security Plan and security levels in ISPS code.
22.What is declaration on security?
23.What is the role of PFSO?
24.What is ship identification number and continuous synopsis record? What does it contain and comesunder which chapter of SOLAS
25.What is inert gas requirement as per SOLAS?
26.What is the composition of inert gas? Draw the diagram of inert gas system onboard your ship.
27. Draw the diagram of PV valve, explain its working. What is the difference between PV valve and improved high lift safety valve? PV valve and PV breaker working pressure. Full detail of all IG equipments. What are the trips and alarms in IG system?
28.What are the safety devices in IG system?
29.Explain different types of deck seal with diagram.
30.Explain pump room regulation as per SOLAS. What is the capacity of pump room blower?
31.How do you come to know whether ISM and ISPS is applied on your ship or not?
32.What action you shall take in case of fire on incinerator platform?
33.Which fire extinguisher is kept on boiler platform?
34.Draw the diagram of hypermist system with diagram. What happens when hypermist tank gets empty?
35.How to operate DCP extinguisher?
36.How to operate CO2 extinguisher?
37.Why do we make CO2 room ventilation? Where is its location?
38.How to extinguish engine control room small electrical fire?
39.Draw and explain sprinkler system with diagram and various bulbs used in sprinkler system.
40.Draw and explain CO2 fire fighting system. How many CO2 cylinders on your ship?
41.What are the safety devices on CO2 fixed installation?
42.What are safety device on life boat?
43.What measures you will take to fight cargo hold fire?
44.What is the regulation regarding CO2 system? How CO2 required is calculated? How will you come to know that 85% of CO2 has been released? Maintenance on CO2 system.
45.How to release CO2 gas from fixed installation to machinery space?
46.Draw flammability diagram? What is LFL and HFL?
47.Draw and explain pump room fire fighting system. What is the duration of testing of foam sample?
48.Draw and explain fixed fire fighting system of your main deck.
49.Draw and explain fixed fire fighting system of cargo hold of your ship.


What action will you take in case of incinerator fire? What are the fire fighting equipments used for fighting incinerator fire?
51.What action you will take in case of purifier room fire?
52.What action you will take in case of galley fire?


What action you shall take in case of crankcase explosion, scavenge fire, starting air line fire and EGE fire?
54. What are the types of lifeboat?
55.What is on load and off load release mechanism of lifeboat?
56Explain life raft launching procedure. What is HRU? How does it work? Why CO2 bottle used in life raft?
57.Explain muster list in detail.
58.Why do we have relief valve in fire line and at what pressure does it lift?
59.Explain Solas Training Manual and its contents.
60.Explain International shore coupling with diagram.
61.Explain IGC code.
62.Explain regulation of LTA, EPIRB, Emergency communication equipment, SART, LRIT, AIS, VDR, SVDR, BNWAS, ECDIS, GMDSS.
63.What is COLREG 72?
64.What are the safeties of lifeboat?
65.What are the contents of UMS checklist?
66.What is duress code?
67.What are the types of portable fire extinguishers? Explain with diagram. Why DCP has small radial hole in cap?
68.Explain quick closing valve.
69.What are the types of fire detectors used in engine room? Explain with diagram.
70.What is the regulation for emergency fire pump?
71.What is the regulation for emergency generator?
72.What is the regulation regarding emergency source of power? 
73.What is MOB marker?
74.What is the SOLAS regulation for lifebuoy, lifejacket, TPA, immersion suit, SCBA and EEBD, fire hose, fire hydrant, nozzles, fireman’s outfit?
75.What is SOLAS regulation for fire line?
76.What is the difference between rescue boat and fast rescue boat?
77.What are different types of fire detectors? How they work? Explain with diagram.
78.How much is rocket parachute descending speed?
79.How much is the range of LTA?
80.What is the regulation for double bottom?


1.What are the full form of all your functions?
2.What are the pillars of IMO?
3.What are the constituents of IMO?
4.What is MLC? When it entered into force? What are the titles of MLC? What are the new amendments to MLC 2006?
5.Explain rest hours and work hours criteria in detail.
6.ETO is certified or not as per STCW?
7.COC is under which chapter of STCW?
8.Name 20 certificates which are carried by ship.
9.Explain STCW code . What are the amendments in STCW 2010?
10.Explain the working of explosimeter and oxygen analyser. Why explosimeter is not used to measure tank atmosphere?
11.How will you come to know whether MLC and STCW implemented onboard or not?
12.What is the difference between port state control (PSC)  and flag state control (FSC)?
13.What do you understand by major non-conformity?
14.What is emergency bilge suction? How will you check working of emergency bilge suction?
15.Explain procedure to be followed before enclosed space entry and enclosed space entry checklist.
16.What is MSDS, BLEVE, MARVS?
17.What are ME trips?
18.What are safeties of refer plant?
19.What are safeties in engine room?
20.What is difference between audit and survey?
21.Draw the diagram of bilge line.
22.Explain self closing arrangement of sounding pipes.
23.What is top up load?
24.What is the use of margin line?
25.Explain sewage treatment plant. What is BOD? What is BOD limit? What reactions take place in STP?
26.Explain oily water separator and its regulation.
27.What is the capacity of pump room blower?
28.What is the SOLAS requirement of pump room ventilation system?
29.What is the requirement of venting pipe and sounding pipe?
30.How containers are loaded on a ship?
31.What is IMO general structure?
32.What is duress code?
33.What is the purpose of painting?
34.How a ship is painted in drydock?
35.How shell plate is numbered?
1What are the requirements of life raft as per SOLAS?
2What are the maintenance in life raft as per SOLAS ?
3What are the equipments in life raft?
4What are the requirements of life boat as per SOLAS?
5What are the equipments in life boat?
6What are the requirements of rescue boat as per SOLAS?
7What are the equipments in rescue boat?
8What is difference between rescue boat & survival craft?
9How to take radio medical advice?
10What is MLC 2006?
11What are the latest STCW amendments? 
12What is hydrostatic particular?
13What are the machinery space discharge criteria?
14What is the ECA of NOx?
15What are SECA regions?
16What are the discharge criteria for MARPOL  annex 1,2 & 5?
17What are different categories of garbage?
18What action will you take in case of fire during bunkering?
19What is the difference between TPA & immersion suit?
20How will you prepare muster list when the ship is on dry docking?
21How to check the readiness of fire pump if you are on cargo watch & duty engineer is not in engine room?
22What are the contents of SOPEP? Its equipments & requirements?
23What are the requirements of immersion suit & its maintenance?
24How medicines are carried on board?
25How will you prepare muster list for a ship after yard delivery, no company manuals & publications?
26What are the requirements on muster list & where is it mentioned?
27What are the contents of trim stability booklet?
28What are the anchor chain fittings?
29How to know the anchor chain weight? Ans: check anchor certificate
30What is shell expansion plan & numbering of plate?
31Action in case of water ingress in hold?
32How to extinguish oil fire with water only?
33What is the use of LTA after beaching & requirements for LTA?
34What are different types of gas carrier as per IMO?
35What is LOA?
36What is LBP?
37What is shear strake?
38What is bilging?
39What is ODMCS & oil filtering unit? 
40What are rescue boat launching & recovering requirements?
41What is rescue boat onload & offload new SOLAS amendments?
42Why one life raft is carried at forward?
43What is the lifeboat launching procedure?
44What are the SOLAS chapters?
45What are tricing pendants & bowsing tackle?
46What are protocol & amendments?
47What are the firefighting equipments onboard?
48Explain  MARPOL  annexes 6 in detail with their emission regulations .
49What is discharge  criteria of oil & garbage in special area 
50What is difference between tender vessel & stiff vessel
51what is unstable equilibrium and explain with the help of diagram 
52what is angle of loll & corrective action in detail 
53What is FSE( free surface effect)
54How frequently you organize fire drill as per SOLAS
55What is your action in case of fire on galley
56What is TPA and its carriage requirements as per SOLAS.
57What are requirements  for carriage of medicines
58How to seek radio medical advise.
59Items to be taken to the L/B while abandonig.
60What are weekly &  monthly checks on L/B.
61What are tests carried out in SCBA  set
62Define angle of loll, centre of buoyancy, stiff vsl/ tender vsl.
63what is MARPOL annex IV , when it enforce, any special area  and discharge  criteria.
64Stability booklet where it is located and what is contain, for what it is use for?
65What is requirement for emergency fire pump as per SOLAS.
66What are types of foam expain where it is suppose to use.
67if you  are lowering life boat FWD painter slipoff in adondant ship  , bad weather  and two person on board , state ur action???
68Define drying height and draw.
69What are certificates as per MARPOL  annex 2.
70What are special area as per MARPOL  annex 6.
71Does TPC  for a vessel is same or it  changes
72What are survival crafts requirements  for cargo and passenger vessel  as per SOLAS.
73What is lifebouy requirements for ship  as per SOLAS ?
74Explain MARPOL  annex 1,5?
75What is  structure of ISM code ?
76How are conventions made?
77Who make these conventions?
78Where are headquarters of IMO and name bodies working under IMO?
79Why life raft forward does  has no HRU..
80Draw a diagram for 5 degree  angle of heel  and 5 degree  angle of list
81How often is the survey of medical chest on board carried out?
82When do you do stearing gear test. What all is checked. Required capability of stearing gear
83What are new discharge criteria or regulation  for garbage
84Watertight and weather tight
85How will you  check weather tightness of hatch cover
86Draw hatch coaming , explain the use of rest pad and compression bar
87Explain high and low expansion foam , PSSA and virtual loss of GM.
88Action if  you see cabin fire as 3rd mate in port
89Action if bosun comes to  you with profusely bleeding finger
90How to order medical chest of a vessel
91Latest garbage ammendments as per MARPOL.
92List  MARPOL  all special area and  What is sewage discharge  criteria.
93Draw hatch coaming , 
94Explain the use of rest pad and compression bar
95What is PSSA and name some PSSA .
96Define center of buoyancy and center of gravity, does both are corelated.
97What is center of floataion and  from where you  get it .
98What is hydrostatic draft and how do you calculate it.
99How will you take medical advice by FLEET-77.
100What is MARPOL discharge  discharge cretieria for annex 1 cargo spaces
101What is SOLAS and how does it help maritime industry ,  name of  chapter 3,5, 9, 11
102What is medicine chest on ships?
103what is HSSC.
104Contents of SOLAS ‘A’ pack
105In marpol 73/78, what do  you mean by 73/78?
106What are discharge criteria of from machinery spaces
107What is dunnage disharge criteria.
108What will you check in lifeboat during lowering as per solas ( he don’t wantlowering procedure)
109What will you  check in SCBA set
110What is new amendment of STCW.. hw it going to affect you .
111What is P/ A manual on ships.
112Name all anexes of MARPOL
113Draw loadline for your  ship
114What is FWA , how will you calculate this .
115What is ON load and  OFF load release of lifeboat.
116What is frequency of thorough check of fire extinguishers?
117Structural members of fore peak construction 
118Explain lowering procedure of lifeboat in detail and how frequently you  lower lifeboat?
119You  are  taking a delivery of ship from japan hw will  you make  indent for medicines?
120What all things you will do before injecting CO2  in engine room
121What is bilging? Will there be   a change in draft due to  bilging ?
122What is hogging and sagging
123Duration of hydrostatic test of fire extinguishers? And from where u ll get this info
124What is  ISM code 
125Name SOLAS all chapters.
126What are reuirements of life buoy and  immersion suit  as per SOLAS.
127What is rocket parachute on ship  (height , luminuous intensity , colour  and number )
128What is  sewage-discharge criteria in special area as per MARPOL.  
129 What is SOPEP  manual and  equipments as per MARPOL 
130What is  SECA area and  transverse thrust.
131What is stringer plate.
132What is striker plate.
133What is  sheer strake.
134Does ILL-applied on ships.
135What is requirement for fire pump and  emergency fire pump as per SOLAS. 
136What are requirement for fire hydrants as per SOLAS
137 What is intact stability?
138 Stiff and tender vessel ? racking stresses ? racking stresses regulation   and  explain SF and BM?
139 Regulation for lifebuoys, total number, SI light, with line structure.
140Regulation for MOB marker
141Lowering time for rescue boats, equipments in a rescue boat.
142what is Recovery strops?
143Freefall L/B lowering requirements
144Frequency of abondon ship, fire and security drills.
145Classes of fire and extinguishers to be used.
146What is Ship masters medical guide?
147What is medical chest?How to verify the medicines onboard, if they are as per requirement or not?
148What is  Fire Wallet?
149Whom to contact in case of an oil spill?how to update the contact details from time to time? who is a QI (Qualified Individual)?
150what is SOLAS chapter XII and its  requirements.
151Latest ammendments in SOLAS, MARPOL
152Latest requirement regarding pilot ladders
153What is  discharge regulations  of categoy X as per NLS?
154What is garbage discharge  criteria in and outside spcecial area.
155Name special area for  MARPOL annex 5
156What are slient features of ISPS code .
157Which are certificate  as per ISPS  code  is issued to ships
158What is objective of ISPS code
159What is content of SSP.
160What is duties of CSO.
161Which certificate is issued  under ISM code?
162Name all certificates issued  under MARPOL.
163What is harmonic system  of surveys and certifiaction and  how does it effect ships ?
164What is  FFA on bulk carrier
165What is difference  between  convention and code
166How is  ISM  implied onboard
167What are  contents  of mechanical  type foam extinguisher.
168What is inherently buoyant material
169Name all types of fire and how to extinguish them
170Number of  of lifebuoys on last ship what are  requirements for the  same
171What is size of lifeboat falls,when did the new requirement for lifeboat falls came into force and what is new regulation for the same
172what is free fall life boat launching requirements .
173Contents of certificate of approval in free fall lifeboats
174What is breaking strength of weak link connecting painter
175What is  frequency of boat drills
176What is difference  between TPA  and  anti exposure suit.
177what is difference  between  sheer strake  and garboard strake
178What is use of striker plate .
179Fore  peak structure draw  and  explain in details
180what are special areas of  MARPOL annex 2 and  5
181what is MARPOL annex 1 discharge criteria  and  special areas  as well as certificate
182what is MARPOL annex 6  NOx and  SOx limits  and which certificate is issued under this
183what are ECA areas under  MARPOL annex 6
184What do you mean by  OPA 90
185What is intact buoyancy and  stability criteria for passenger ship
186What is difference  between  code and convention
187What is DOS .
188SSO  and DPA under which code , what is their duties
189Emergency fire p/p on last ship which type and how many suction
190Which foam will you  use in engine roon  and  on deck and  what is reason for using ?
191Name all anexes in marpol and all special areas
192What is loadicator and what is your action in case loadictor fails during loading.
193If loss of GM on fully loaded ship during passage..what is  action
194what is solas training manual and what information you get from it.
195What is boat drill and fire drill durations as per SOLAS .
196What are heeling tanks
197What is IMO latest discusions regarding piracy
198What is  difference between   PSC and flag state inspection
199What are maintainence of extinguishers and pressure testing regulations for the same. 
200What is Reserve buoyancy and it effects ship?
201How frequently you take SOPEP inventory
202What is Tumble home
203Define Camber and what is its use?
204Life boat contents with their quantities
205Life raft contents with their quantities
206How EPIRB works and its carriage regulations.
207How SART works and what is carriage regulations for it.
208what is  Hand flare luminous intensity and their duration.
209how many number of  Rocket parachute  on ships
210What is  Pyro techniques validity
211What are SCBA monthly tests
212what is Snatch block
213How will you construct wire rope?What it consists of?How will you confirm its diameter?
214What are shear forces and bending moments?he wants the full explanation
215ship is going from fresh water to salt water or vice versa what all parameters will change?
216Explain KN  curves with diagram?
217what is permeability?
218what is intact stability?he wants full explanation with reference to GZ curve.
219what is damage stability booklet?
220what is the minimum volume of CO2 required on the ship for fixed fire fighting for engine as well as cargo spaces
221what is the difference between a SCBA and EEBD?
222what is a rescue boat and what equipments other than lifeboats are required in a rescue boat?
223What is immersion suit requirements as per LSA code?
224What is fixed DCP fire extinguishing system requirement ?
225how many firemans outfit are required  to  be carried on ship?
226Name  all types of loadlines
227Can a ship have dual loadlines 
228what is subdivision loadlines and draw it. 
229what is difference between primsoll and subdivision load line 
230what is loaction of EEBD on  your ships. 
231what is class A / B/C  subdivision bulkhead.
232what is fire control plan.
233what information you get from fire control  plan
234how do you prepare your vessel for SEQ survey
235how will you prepare your your vessel for load line survey
236what information you get from LSA plan.
237what is regulation for bilge pumps on ships
238Does the TPC of box shape vessel remain same or it changes with draft.
239can lifeboat be  used as resuce boat and vise versa.
240can rescue boat be used as life boat.
241can we discharge wash water in special area( wash water means deck cleaning water)
242what is SMPEP and its requirements.
243what is pressure testing requirements of SCBA set 
244what is pressure testing requirements of all types of fire extingishers.
245what is regulation for checking the quality of air of SCBA compressor.
246list all types of plan present on ships
247what is requirement for fuel of lifeboat.
248what are different methods of launching liferaft. 
249Name five convention of IMO. 
250What is minimum length of fire hose as per SOLAS.
251What is dimensions of international shore connection.
252what is MARGIN line.
253what is regulation for VECs 
254Ship is going from fresh water to salt water or vice versa what all parameter will change.
255Explain KN  curves?
256What is permeability?
257What is Damage stability booklet and its contents?
258What is the minimum volume of CO2 required on the ship for fixed fire
259What are fire Fighting regulations for engine as well as cargo spaces
260What is the difference between  SCBA and EEBD ?
261What is a rescue boat and what equipments other than lifeboats are required in a rescue boat?
262What are regulations for Immersion suit requirements as per LSA  code?
263what are Fixed DCP fire extinguishing system requirement as per IGC?
264How many firemans outfit are required to be carried on ship?
265What is Heavy weather ballast ( Criteria and conditions when to be taken ).
266Draw HRU and weak link  and explain briefly.
267Function of pilot bottle in CO2 system .
268Fire fighting equipment on tankers ( High Expansion and Low expansion Foam systems )
269what is Virtual loss of reserve buoyancy .
270What Is Garboard Strake , Sheer Strake
271Use And Difference  Of Tpa And Immersion Suit
272Difference between Stiff and Tender ship.
273How will I know your ship is ISM certified?
274What is the discharge criteria of ODMC
275What is the discharge criteria of OWS  as per marpol annex 1
276What is discharge criteria of noxious liquid as per annex II
277What is the requirement of disposal of garbage.
278What is oil record book what it is contain.
279What is ECA and what is deals about 
280What is ballast water management and requirement
281Draw collision bulkhead and explain 
282What is the frames how they are named
283What is the different between watertight and weather tight door
284As third officer what are all the maintenance you carried Out for immersion suit
285What use and requirement high fog mist system
286What is the SOLAS pack A,B 
287What are the monthly maintenance carried out on portable Fire extinguisher
288What is the pressure hole
289What is the pressure test carried out on portable fire Extinguisher
290What is the hydrostatic test 
291How you get medical advice what are publication used
292What is the difference between DPA and ship security Officer
293If ship draft change what are the change happen in stability Booklet
294If the block coefficient change which part of the ship draft Rise and fall what reason
295What is the drill requirement as per SOLAS 
296What are Fire hose length requirement as per SOLAS.
297Draw HRU diagram explain lashing requirements
298Explain on/off load mechanisam of lifeboat.
299What is the requirement for fire protected lifeboats?
300What is the rquirement for foam applicator onboard as per SOLAS?
301What is the discharge criteria for oil in machinery space?
302What is the least GM required by a cargo ship?
303Describe role of ISM in Shipping? What is an SMS?
304List the statutory requirements of a enclosed type lifeboat?
305Discharge criteria  for oil from machinery spaces , both inside and outside.
306After joining a ship how will you familiarise  yourself with the LSA and FFA onboard
307Where are fire plans located on board.,is it mandatory, which code or regulation states that?
308What is IOPP certificate and IAPP certificate, what is part A and part B?
309What are the  fixed fire fighting systems  in your last ship?
310Different types of fixed fire fighting systems for engine room?
311What are Contents of FFA code and LSA code
312How often shore servicing is carried out for fixed fire fighting system, where it is stated?
313What areTypes of life boats
314One crew member found lying unconsious in the  alleway, you are alone ,actions and first aid  to be given
315How will you start fire pump on board.
316How many persons will you require to lower a lifeboat in calm weather and how will you lower it
317When will you activate sart in a lifeboat.
318What signal will shore give to indicate if this place is not safe for landing.
319What are Solas steering gear requirements.
320How will you rig a breeches buoy.
321What is panting and pounding and what are the construction features on a vessel to counter their effects.
322How will you maintain the watertight integrity of hatch covers.
323How do you determine the carriage capacity of a lifeboat
324What is an oil record book and what are the entries in the same.
325What is dirty ballast-clean ballast-segregated ballast
326Mantainence of dcp fire extinguishers and frequency of hydraulic pressure testing of all types of extinguishers.
327What annexes of marpol can be applied to LPG  ships- can you apply annex ii .
328Construction and the importance of the drain plug.
329What are regulation for Mantainence of life boat falls. 
330Duties and precautions when approaching a boat in distress, which side will you approach the boat.
331what are Formula to find GT and NT.
332How would you go about disposing plastic on board..
333How do you carry out maintainence of fire extinguishers on your vessel
334What are regulation for Slop tanks  as per MARPOL.
335Oil overflow during bunkering, action.
336Pressure at which fireline relief valve  operates.
337What is meaning of Instantaneous rate of discharge.
338what are SOLAS  contents.
339What is permeability with respect to solas.
340Explain Sheer strake, garboard strake and  gunwale plate  with diagram.
341Panting / pounding & strenthening against it.
342what are types of framing on containers & tankers.
343What are Principle of electric arc welding.
344Use of camber other than drainage of water.
345How do you strengthen the deck in the wake of hatch openings.
346SOLAS  requirements for pressure at hydrants.
347Definition and formulae for pressure.
348Discharge critera for sludge & specifications of a sludge line.
349what is SOPEP  manual contents and Is it different for different ships ?
350Discharge critera for oil from machinery space inside and outside special areas
351Slop tank requirements as per marpol.
352Oil tanker loading and discharge checklists. 
353Measures taken to prevent harm to marine environment by chemicals.
354What are FFA on chemical tankers.
355what is Lifeboat air support system regulations.
356Slop tank requirements as per marpol.
357Oil tanker loading and discharge checklists
358Requirements for the discharge of oil on cargo vessels and tankers.
359Authorities to be contacted in case of an oil spill.
360what are Oil record book entries and specifications.
361How and where is foam formed when compound is injected in the line.
362What is panting and pounding and what are the construction features on a vessel to counter their effects.
363Procedure for starting The Emergency Fire Pump.
364How do you determine the carriage capacity of a lifeboat
365What is dirty ballast-clean ballast-segregated ballast
366Define forward perpendicular.
367Fire fighting extinguishing system on board.
368Action when water discharge, but no foam.
369How do you determine content of effluent in cargo (odmcs).
370what is frequency of SOPEP  drill on chemical tankers.
371LSA carraige Requirements  on passengers as per SOLAS.
372Solas requirements for pilot ladders.
373Can you  discharge cargo oil in special  areas ?
374What certificates for annex 4 of MARPOL ?
375What is triangle in bulk carriers i explaind but he askd i carried bfor high density cargo is der any way to arrest ma ships den y?he expects date of force i.e 1999
376What is solid GM and how it is different from fluid GM?
377What is FSC  and explain FSM  and formula for FSC ?
378Explain angle of loll and righting lever as well as moment?
379Draw and explain unstable equilibrium?
380What is difference  between  heel and list ?
381How will you increase your  GM when you  have less GM?
382Slop tank capacity of vessel more than 70000dwt?
383What is GZ  and which curve gives uncorrected GZ ?
384How will you  find intial GM  and how will you  calculate cargo calculation for coal if you expect 50000ton cargo and your c/o is under medical treatment?
385From which curve you get corrected GZ?
386Show neutral equilibrium in -ve equilibrium curve?
387If you  ship is listed to 17 degree  and will you proceed from port if not justify ?
388How will  you calculate  DWA and what is density of DW (1.0-1.015)?
389What is deckline?
390Define  camber then rise of floor and shell expansion plan?
391What is validity of your medical certificate from were  you find it?
392What  are  buoyancy chamber in rescue boat of rigid type?
393What is  the  use of diaphragm of hydrostatic release of lifeboat?
394What is difference  between  outbound and  inbound motor in rescue boat?
395Why  CO2 in  liferaft?
396What is level 3 of ISPS and what is frequency of routine round ?

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