Describe the procedure for inspection and maintenances of wire ropes ?

Inspection Of Wire Rope:-

A visual and physical examination should take place at regular intervals. Under normal conditions of use, wire rope can be inspected every 3 months. If a broken wire is discovered, then it should be inspected more often.

A thorough inspection is given below.


  1. Inspect termination of rope at the drum and other points.
  2. Inspect for broken wires.
  3. Inspect for corrosion.
  4. Inspect for deformation.
  5. Inspect for surface wear.
  6. Inspect for defective coiling.
  7. Inspect for deterioration due to snatch loading.
  8. Inspect lengths that run through blocks, particularly those which lie on the sheaves when the appliance is in the loaded condition.


Open the lay.

  1. Check internal lubrication.
  2. Degree of corrosion.
  3. Indentation caused by pressure of wear.
  4. Presence of broken wires.

An accurate log should be kept of inspection dates, rope condition, end for ending, replacement, etc.

Broken Wires: – Broken wires are usually a result of fatigue and wear.

Marine Order (part 32) “The total number of broken wires visible in a length of S.W.R. equal to 10 times it’s diameter should not exceed 5% of the total number of wires constituting the rope”.


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