Checklist in case of hull or Machinery Damage |

Checklist in case of hull or Machinery Damage

DAMAGE REPORT NO.                                                         


Date of Accident                                at                                             Voyage                                                           

Description of events as noted in log and / or note of protest :

Has it been entered in Official log ?

(Please send log extract)

Are third parties responsible in your opinion ?

If yes, who ?

Was he held responsible in writing ?

(Please attach copy)

Have you lodged a note of protest relating to this damage ?

If yes, send a copy to HO ?

If not, do you intend to lodge a note of protest ?

Complete description of damages (attach a sketch, if necessary) :

Was Classification Surveyor called in ?

If yes, what are the recommendations in certificate ? (Please forward copy of certificate)

Were damages surveyed by underwriter’s surveyor ?

If so, by whom and when ?

Send copies of all surveyor’s certificates to H.O.

Were all visible damages inspected by Master when taking over command ?

For Engine Damages                                                                        For Hull Damages

Date                :                                                                                       Data                :

Chief Engineer           :                                                                       Master                        :

Master                        :

Remarks         :           Number Reports as Damages Occur