Checklist for health audit on ships ?


M.V/ M.T                                                                                                             DATE__________

AUDITOR:                                                                                                                PORT___________

NOTE: Any item marked in the “N” column below  must be supported by suitable remarks/explanations in the Auditor’s report.


1.HMP 01          Is Health Policy available on board. QSM 2.4.1  
2.HMP 02Is the Policy communicated to all interested parties. Are the Interested Parties Identified.  
3.HMP 03Is onboard Health Representative Identified.  
4.HMP 04Are Shipboard Health hazards identified.  Are Hazards reviewed periodically.  
5.HMP 05Are MSDS available for Cargo/Chemicals etc.  
6.HMP 06Is the PPE matrix available for the type of job required to be carried out.  
7.HMP 07Are Food Spaces/Galley/ checked regularly. Is water Potability checked.  
8.HMP 08Is health agenda part included in the Safety committee reports.  
9.HMP 09Are pre-joining medical reports available for all personnel.  
10.HMP 10Are drug and alcohol checks for on board personnel carried out as required by procedures.  
11.HMP 11Are employees represented and consulted on HSE matters, Changes in workplace and incident investigation.  
12.HMP 12Are equipments for MMS calibrated as required by procedures/manufacturer’s guidelines. Is a list of equipments available.  
13.HMP 13Are personnel provided with onboard/ashore training with respect to Health Management Programme.  
14.HMP 14Does the agenda for Management Review include Health requirements. Are copies available on board.  
15.HMP 15Is a trend analysis for occupational health related incidents and illnesses carried out  


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