Checklist for Anti Piracy? |

Checklist for Anti Piracy?

                                                              Items To Check in case of anti piracy –                                                                                                

  1. Upon discovery of suspicious craft nearby, has the Master been immediately alerted     
  2. Has the engine room been informed            
  3. Has the emergency alarm been sounded             
  4. Has the imminent piracy attack been announced over the P.A system                  
  5. Have both the radars been switched on               
  6. Have extra lookouts been posted on the bridge         
  7. Has the muster point been determined in case of a imminent piracy attack               
  8. Has the nearest port authority/ marine police been informed of the attack.              
  9. Have all ship’s in the vicinity been alerted of the piracy attack                  
  10. Have all crew assembled at agreed muster point                
  11. Has the crew been asked to stand-by, prepare defence, barricade all access routes to  
  12. ship and all w/t & fire doors of accommodation & engine room entrances locked up, leaving    only one open guarded access for emergency             
  13. Has the updated position / information broadcasted over the radio/VHF               
  14. Has the search light been directed towards the craft to possibly blind the pirates             
  15. Have all deck lights been switched on                  
  16. Has the crew been warned to avoid violence & only take action for self-defense in case of attack by Pirates
  17. After the pirates have gone, have checks been carried out to assess loss & damage to  report to the company, charterer, coast state etc.., about the attack   
  18. Have records of all actions taken been maintained in the ship’s deck/ official log book.


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